The trend for designer handbags seems to be "the bigger, the better". Today's on the go woman needs a handbag that can handle everything from makeup to cell phones and every other electronic device she needs to keep her in the know and in touch while looking fashionable and irresistible.

Design and Styles

The clutch continues to hold its own in fashion. All done up in bold colors, to pure white - boasting bold exotic skins... A clutch is a must this season.

Designer Collections

So what's up with the designer collections? First of all color ! Bold wonderful color is the trend this season. This spring will bring on the stronger and brighter colors. Bright red is strongly in evidence, as is purple, which has been a favorite color for several seasons now. Cobalt blue emerges to challenge purple. first place though and plenty of other shades of blue were in evidence. Candy bubblegum colors were also tempting us - pinks and oranges as well as lime greens. This spring look for a kaleidoscope of color.

So, you say you prefer more sober colors, designers have taken all you gals Fashion into consideration. Classic blacks and whites will be out there, so you can keep to a more restrained palette if you desire, and still remain fashion forward.

Exotic skins

Exotic skins were also well in evidence on the runways for spring /summer, with ostrich a prime favorite among many top designers. Color palette and style ranged from gorgeous pink totes, elegant purple frame bags and the very chic mint green clutches. Stunning bright colors stood out on the runways.

The tote

The big bag is still a favorite with roomy totes and outsize frame bags. Many handbags showed chain handles.

Size - Anything Goes!

But, you will notice the hand is back in handbag. More designers have used short straps on large shaped handbags. Not as many over the shoulder straps.

The trend seems to be medium-sized handbags clasped by the woman in her hand. Regardless of whether the handbag is provided with a strap or not, you will be fashionable only if you clasp it in your hand. This keeps the clutch right up there in a fashion must have.


Large, rigid handbags , obviously to be carried via hand straps , somewhat like a suit-case.


For the evening , the clutch, this spring the clutch's are often big and colors bright or simply white. Not the clutch of last spring, these clutch's have lots of room for all your stuff.