Q I HAVE had a big bust up with my husband and his family over his

my father. I've never liked him because he's one of those men

who thinks he is God's gift.

He is always pawing me and making suggestive remarks - although

he's careful not to do it in front of my husband or his wife.

Not that she would object, as she is one of those doormat women who

lets him walk all over her.

Unfortunately, however, she has also brought up her kids, including

my husband, to worship their dad.

But now he has gone too far. I have discovered that when he is

babysitting my son and daughter - who are only 12 and nine - he has been

showing them porn.

I was totally disgusted by his actions and told him to his face he

was a pervert.

My mother-in-law than had hysterics and told me that I was no

longer welcome in their house - which is fine by me.

But my husband says that if I apologise, he'll have a word

with his dad and make sure he doesn't do it again.

I have told him that hell will freeze over before I ever say I am

sorry to that man.

A I AM 100 per cent with you. How dare your father-in- law behave

like this? He isn't fit to be in charge of a dead budgie never mind

two vulnerable and impressionable kids Not that your mother-in-law is

much better - or for that matter your husband.

If anyone has any apologising to do it's him and his entire

family. And if he can't see that he's almost as bad as his

disgusting father. If you haven't done it already, I would also

give your husband chapter and verse on the sexual harassment - before he

starts touching his granddaughter, too.

Q MY boyfriend and I were caught up in the recent Spanish bus

drivers' strike and our plane was delayed for hours.

He started drinking with a couple of his mates who were on the same

flight and I got really annoyed.

Another guy saw what was happening and was really sorry for me. We

got talking and found we also had some friends in common.

Anyway, he and I went for a walk and we ended up having sex outside

the airport.

It was just the heat and everything and I got carried away. He said

he would contact me when we got home, but he never did.

I have now found out that everyone is talking about me and calling

me a slag because he has been bragging about what happened between us at

the airport. I am really worried my boyfriend will find out and dump me.

A YOU were a right idiot to get into this situation, although your

boyfriend didn't help by getting guttered.

You took things too far with the wrong guy. Blabbing about your

brief encounter wasn't right. If he'd got in touch, you'd

have dumped the boyfriend. So I don't think you have strong

feelings for him and if he does find out and give you the elbow,

you'll recover. You would be better off without either.

I got toilet seat as a present

Q MY fiance's best friend and his partner have given us a

lavatory seat as wedding present. I am very upset. I don't believe

in sending round a wedding list, although I had one for everyone who

wanted to see it.

But this is just such an inappropriate gift. I feel angry and I am

now seriously worried about my fiance having him as our best man. With

his sense of filthy humour, goodness only knows what his speech will be

like. My fiance says I am making a mountain out of a molehill.

A CAN I remind you, ever so gently, that this guy is not your best

man, but your husband-to-be's. So, really, it's up to him to

have who he wants as his best man.

I also think you are making too much of this. Brides do tend to get

a bit aerated just before their weddings.

Anyway, there are some pretty snazzy toilet seats out there.

In fact, they are seen as the latest fashion accessory by many

people these days

Sweating is a nightmare

Q I AM a 15 year old who showers daily and uses deodorant, but my

problem is I seem to sweat constantly throughout the day.

At school and when I am out this can be very embarrassing because

whenever I raise my arms there are sweat patches.

Also, when I am at school my hands are so sweaty that it can be

very hard to write properly. Could you please tell me if there is

anything available to help.

I have tried all different types of deodorants and talcum powders,

but so far I haven't found anything that seems to work.

Do you think I should go to see my doctor about this problem?

A YES, I think it is time that you went to see your GP about this

excess sweating. Your doctor might be able to recommend an extra strong

antiperspirant which might just do the trick.

Sometimes, in extreme cases of heavy sweating, an operation may be

advised - although only if it is really severe. Only a handful of

surgeons will carry it out because it is complicated surgery and is far

from risk free.

Hubby's drinking is over the limit

Q WHAT exactly is a unit of alcohol? My husband says it is a pint

and a nip and it's not excessive to drink three or four every

night. But his father was an alcoholic and I am worried that he is going

the same way. He says drinking doesn't affect him, but our sex life

is more or less nil. He says it's my fault because I don't do enough to turn him on.

A I HAVE always thought it nuts to talk about units. People drink

pints and glasses - and even bottles - but not units.

Anyway, a unit is half a pint of beer, a small measure of spirits

or a glass of wine. In other words your husband is drinking the

equivalent of 12 units a night - when the safe limit is 21 a week. With

that amount of booze going down his throat, he would find it had to get

aroused by Jennifer Lopez.

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